Why the fuck am I not surprised?

Back in 2022 during one of the mediated hearings between myself and the lawyers for an entity that I cannot name, the lawyers brought up a line from my social service records that I had never seen.

“Mr. Gill appeared to be concerned about his mother’s drinking suggesting she is emotionally abusive to both children, especially when inebriated”.

That floored me as I never thought that Richard would have the fucking balls to call his mother a drunk. Never mind his fucking hypocrisy as both him and his mother were champion drinkers.

In January of 1977, Richard was arrested by the CFB Summerside military police for fighting with his own mother while they were both pissed drunk.

Well, seeing as how Richard was fucking dead since 2017, I submitted another Access to Information request, this time requesting more information if possible as both my grandmother and my father were dead.

On May 8th, 2022 I received the additional information that I requested.

Fuck, what a blast this was.

“Mr. Gill has a tendency in contact with professionals to blame the boys’ behaviour on their relationship with their grandmother who has lived with the family. Mr. Gill states that his mother is an alcoholic who refuses to seek help or treatment for her condition”.

“Mr. Gill claims that his mother is an alcoholic”.

What a fucking asshole. But he wouldn’t be Richard Gill if he wasn’t a fucking asshole.

” Another point is that Richard is resistant to Sue coming into sessions and voices concern that she ‘should be home making supper'”.

I’ll never understand why Sue stuck around.

She could have easily found someone who wasn’t an misogynistic alcoholic asshole.

I’ve seen my father naked, so it couldn’t have been the intense satisfying sex.

Richard was never subtle with his misogyny.

When Richard and Sue would get into arguments and fights in the house he’d gladly let fly with cunt this and cunt that.

When his friends were over he’d regale them with how much of a stupid bitch Sue was and how much of a fucking stunned cunt she could be.

When Sue was learning to drive stick shift on CFB Greisbach he’d get pissed off with her when she ground the gears.

If we were out in the city driving and a woman was driving slow in front of him or didn’t signal properly he’d gladly let fly with fucking cunt!, fucking dumb cunt!, fucking stunned cunt!

And he was no better with my child care workers in Edmonton, the majority of whom were women.

When my mother left in 1977 my father made sure that I understood that my mother was a whore who would spread he legs for anyone and that she ran off with a guy named Gus from the P.P.C.L.I.

I’m beginning to think that Richard probably told Marie to get into the kitchen and cook his supper one too many times.

But it’s really amazing to see exactly how much disdain Richard had for his mother.

Like, holy fuck, he’s the one who brought grandma into the house to live with us at CFB Summerside when our mother left.

He’s the one who requested the compassionate posting to move from CFB Summerside to CFB Namao when grandma returned to Edmonton to be with her husband Andy.

He’s the one who couldn’t stop his womanizing after Andy slipped in the bathtub and ended up in the long term care facility at the U of A.

And he had the fucking balls to tell my social workers that the problems my brother and I were exhibiting weren’t due to being sexually abused by our babysitter for a year and a half but were due to his alcoholic mother?

What a fucking complete asshole.

Was Richard an oddity in the Canadian Forces.

Fuck no.

The Canadian Armed Forces had a significant problem with misogyny. Actually they still have, but it’s no where near as bad as it was back in the ’70s and ’80s.

A guy like Richard would have found like minded malcontents in the military.

Remember, the canteen at 447 Squadron was plastered with fully naked centrefolds, and not just one or two pictures. They were all over the place. And when fathers would bring their sons to the squadron, they didn’t give a shit if their sons saw photos of naked women. That’s what women were for.

Marie was a woman, so as far as Richard was concerned his responsibility to raise his kids ended when he ejaculated. And cook his supper.

Grandma was a woman, so as far as Richard was concerned it was her job to look after his kids.

Sue was a woman, so it was her job to raise my brother and I.

Richard had no responsibility to raise his kids.

That’s what women were for.

Author: bobbiebees

I started out life as a military dependant. Got to see the country from one side to the other, at a cost. Tattoos and peircings are a hobby of mine. I'm a 4th Class Power Engineer. And I love filing ATIP requests with the Federal Government.

2 thoughts on “Why the fuck am I not surprised?”

  1. I have to tell you my thoughts on this. The little bit that I knew of your mom and Richard, I don’t think Annette (AKA Marie) would have put up with that kind of behaviour at all! Your Mom was a tough cookie in her own right! Maybe things got stupid when he was drunk, but I’m sure your Mom would have fought back for all that she was worth. Richard was very subdued when he was in the company of others. It’s really typical, though. People don’t show their true colours very much. I really hope you can eventually come to terms with your past and slay the dragons that you live with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I started to notice on CFB Downsview that Richard had two faces. He had a face the he would show to his friends and drinking buddies. And then he had another face that he would show to others that he was unfamiliar with or wary of.
      My brother and I could swear like sailors by the time I was around 10 and he was around 8.
      The only two constants the we had in our lives at that point is that we lived on Canadian Forces Bases as children, and that our father was a fucking asshole.
      Richard could swear up a storm in the house. Richard would swear freely in the car as he was driving.
      But when my brother and I would get caught swearing at school or wherever he’d profess shock and swear that he didn’t know where my brother and I could ever have learnt that uncouth language.
      Behind closed doors, he was a rage monster.
      Out in public he wouldn’t dare hit my brother or I but you could sense that he was struggling to keep his anger from exploding.

      I’ve long since come to terms with my past.
      But there will be no slaying of dragons.
      My dragons and I will get our rest eventually.


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