About: Bobbie Garnet Bees

This is the life and death of Bobbie Garnet Bees

Bobbie grew up as a military dependent living in the military housing on various Canadian Armed Forces bases cross Canada.

Unfortunately Bobbie was exposed to many situations which were well beyond his control.

These situations left Bobbie to suffer through his childhood, his teen years, and his adulthood from diagnosed yet untreated mental illnesses such as CPTSD, major depression, and severe anxiety.

In this blog Bobbie will discuss the events leading up to the CFB Namao Child Sexual Abuse Scandal, the manner in which the Canadian Armed Forces dealt with the sex abuse scandal, the fallout of the decisions made by members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and the long term effects of those decisions.

The CFB Namao Child Sexual Abuse scandal will be discussed in more in-depth detail on Bobbie’s other blog viewable at http://cfbnamao.ca

Bobbie will also discuss topics such as Mental Health Care and Medical Assistance in Dying.

Bobbie fully intends to avail himself to M.A.i.D. in March of 2023. Whether Bobbie will be successful in this application will be a subject of this blog as well.

As a warning, Bobbie will be discussing topics such as child sexual abuse, mental illness, death, and medical assistance in dying. If these topics make you uncomfortable you may not want to follow or subscribe to this blog.

Bobbie will also discuss the day to day minutiae that makes up his life.

Bobbie is the Chief Engineer at St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver British Columbia. Most recently Bobbie was involved with the design of the power plant at the New St. Paul’s Hospital on False Creek. Bobbie was also involved with ensuring that the HVAC system at the current St. Paul’s Hospital was able to meet the challenges of the COVID outbreak. Bobbie has worked at St. Paul’s since 2005. Prior to that Bobbie was involved with commercial property management in Vancouver.

Bobbie enjoys wearing dresses, getting tattoos, and collecting piercings.