A Societal Malcontent with an axe to grind against the Canadian Armed Forces.

Yep, that’s me. Mr. Societal Malcontent.

Well, at least that’s what the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service labelled me as during their investigation of my complaint of sexual abuse on Canadian Forces Base Namao.

I’m odd.

Definitely a little fucked in the head.

I more or less march to my own drummer.

I don’t fit in too well.

But I think “societal malcontent” is taking things a little too far.

After all the shit I’ve been through in my life I’ve more than earned my tattoos, my piercings, and my manner of dress.

However, you can imagine how hard my jaw hit the floor when I read the Certified Tribunal Records that I received from the Military Police Complaints Commission in February 2013.

“A societal malcontent with an axe to grind against the military”.

Fuck them.

Up until I received my social service paperwork in 2011, I had always believed that everything that went wrong in my life was due to me being a fucked up nutcase. “Insane as your fucking mother” as my father always used to say.

When I received my social service paperwork and discovered that Captain Totzke seemed to have been running interference between me and my civilian child care workers, I thought that this was maybe a result of my father wrapping Totzke around his finger and manipulating Totzke to hide my father’s shitty parenting skills.

But then when I read the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service investigation paperwork in 2013, it became very apparent to me that the Canadian Armed Forces is an organization in need of a very serious fucking tune-up.

For a police agency such as the CFNIS to roll over and yield to the chain of command dictates as easily as it did during GO 2011-5754 is absolutely sickening.

It’s no wonder that two retired Supreme Court justices in back to back reviews said that the military police and the CFNIS were incapable of investigating sexual assaults. Victim shaming was one of the concerns that the justices had in their reviews.

It was only in November of 2021 that the most recent Minister of National Defence ordered the military police to hand over all of their sexual assault investigations to the civilian police.

My complaint against the man in the sauna was one of 31 sexual assault investigations that the military police requested be exempt from being handed over to the civilian authorities.

Why mine wasn’t given over I’ll never know.

The investigator running the investigation said that the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service was the only agency with the skills required to investigate child sexual abuse on military bases. But this is one of the concerns that Madame Marie Deschamps had in her Final Report issued in 2015. The military police have neither the expertise nor the number of cases to develop the skills and techniques required to successfully investigate sexual assaults like the RCMP and most large civilian police departments have.

Another case of crimes being committed against a military dependent that for some reason seem to have remained in the jurisdiction of the military police is the disappearance and death of a transgendered military dependent who went missing from Canadian Forces Base Petawawa in March of 2019. Her body was found in May of 2019. She went missing from the PMQs on base.

Sure, the Canadian Armed Forces were instructed by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1994 to stop discriminating against homosexuals, but the Canadian Armed Forces up to that point in time had always been a hotbed of racism, xenophobia, white supremacy, homophobia, misogyny, alcoholism, etc.

Old habits die hard.

The problem with sexual assault and misogyny is that these issues still plague the Canadian Forces to this day.

In early 2023 the Canadian Forces engaged a professor from the University of Alberta to assess the problem of white supremacy and racism in the Canadian Armed Forces and how to combat this.

Sure, the Canadian Forces have attended various pride parades over the years, but if the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service ridicules the victims of sexual assault, including ridiculing and dismissing the complaints of a victim of child sexual abuse, how likely are the military police to put real serious effort into investigating the death of a transgendered military dependent?

As has already established by various reviews, the investigators within the CFNIS and the base military police are not independent of the chain of command. So even if they wanted to conduct an investigation that could potentially implicate either a member of the Canadian Forces or another military dependent from Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, would the chain of command allow them the independence to bring such implications?

Why are the military police even remotely involved in the off-base death of a military dependent? This investigation should belong to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ontario Provincial Police Service.

After what I went through with the CFNIS from 2011 to 2018 makes me wonder what exactly the military police think that they’re going to accomplish in this matter? Don’t forget the CFNIS had in their hands the investigation paperwork and the court martial transcripts from 1980 CFSIU investigation that made it very clear that the babysitter was known to have been sexually assaulting children and was actually receiving counselling for his attraction to young children but yet the CFNIS were unable to secure charges. Actually, to go one further, the CFNIS weren’t allowed to secure charges against the babysitter.

Why else would the CFNIS have gone to the sickening extent of trying to colour the opinion of one of the witnesses by suggesting to this other victim of the babysitter that I was a “societal malcontent with an axe to grind against the military”, that I was “frequently changing employment”, and that I had only made my complaint “as an attempt to make money”.

A train trip.

Well, it was last week that I arrived back in Vancouver after my Vancouver to Toronto and back train trip on VIA.

Twas an interesting four days out and four days back.

I stayed in Toronto one night.

As I said before, this trip was supposed to be to allow me to reflect on my application for Medical Assistance in Dying that I was originally going to apply for on March 20th, 2023 before the government caved into the demands of astroturf campaigns funded by American evangelical dark money.

I turned this trip into a chance to get some writing done on my book.

There were two spots that I could sit down and write.

Between 2nd breakfast and 2nd supper I could use my berth as it was configured during the day as two seats and I could ask for the portable “games” table to be set up.

Sleeper class berths

My other favourite location to write was up front in the “economy class” “games” room. This was an area in the starlight dome car that was set up with six tables.

Economy class games tables.

I actually managed to get the layout of the book figured out along with how I want the chapters to work. Whether I have time to publish this book before I take my leave is the unknown. I’d like to at least see this book in print, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

I’ve always had bladder issues with difficulty getting to sleep due to a constant “not empty” feeling, so I took the lower berth which as it turned out had the advantage of having the window.

Berths converted to sleeping

This is what the berths look like converted to “sleeping mode”

There’s a very heavy curtain that covers both openings. The top berth has a ladder.

My berth and the upper berth ladder
My berth

The berths are actually quite roomy considering that they only exist between 2nd supper and 2nd breakfast.

The porters on each sleeping car have to assemble and disassemble these berths twice per day and convert them between sleeping berths and the dual chairs. Make sure you tip these people at the end of the ride.

I didn’t spend as much time taking pictures as I thought that I would. I didn’t even spend all that much time in the dome of the Park at the end of the train where the Sleeper + class were supposed to hang out and mingle.

There are three classes on the train.

Economy class is basically just regular seats with no sleeping accommodations.

Sleeper class has two different types of sleeping arrangements. Berths, semi-private rooms, or private rooms.

And then there is the Prestige class in which the rooms are like private hotel rooms.

Berths in sleeper class is what I could afford, so it’s what I got.

Not too bad of a deal either as you get three really good meals per day.

But yeah, writing is what I did.

And it was enjoyable.

No interruptions

No distractions.

Nothing but me and my keyboard.

I felt more at home in the economy class as everyone up there more or less kept to themselves. I never felt welcome back in the park car, not due to my tattoos or my dresses, but because I didn’t partake in “small talk” and I didn’t share their politics.

Riding VIA rail you discover just how bad the politicians have fucked this country. There are thousands of towns along the rail lines with no passenger bus service and absolutely no low fare air service. Key markets for rail passenger service.

The problem is that companies like CN Rail, albeit Canadian in name, are heavily owned by foreign shareholders that really don’t give a rat’s ass about allowing VIA to have access to the rails for passenger service.

You often hear the argument that Canada is just too large for rail passenger service.

Canada is smaller than Northern Africa. Canada is roughly a little larger than Australia. Over 75% of Canada’s population exists between Hamilton ON and Montreal, PQ. Over 95% of Canada’s population lives within 100 km of the US Border.

Yes, on a Mercator projection map, Canada looks like a very large landmass. But the Earth is a sphere, not an 11×17 sheet of paper. When you take a sphere and flatten in out, everything at the equator of that sphere will somewhat be correct in size, but the close you get to the poles of that now flattened sphere everything gains massive errors in horizontal distances. Vertical distances stay correct, horizontal distances become more wrong the further away from the equator they are. A proper globe projection will show you just how small Canada actually is.

Try this: https://www.thetruesize.com/

If politicians wanted passenger rail service from one side of the country to the other they could easily implement it. But then they’d have to endure the ire of the automobile industry, the petroleum industry, and the aviation industries. All three of which wouldn’t exist without massive tax payer subsidies to make their operations and their products affordable.

So what you end up with is the VIA trains sitting on sidings waiting for freight trains to go past. The rule used to be, and it still actually is, that passenger service had the right-of-way, but with lack of enforcement and freight trains becoming far too long for the siding, the passenger trains are stuck waiting.

But enough about politics.

I had time to reflect upon the irony that even though I am the representative plaintiff in my class action against the DND and the CAF over the Captain Father Angus McRae affair that I stand a very good chance of not collecting a single red cent from the action.

This comes down to the fact that in 1980 the “brass” within the Canadian Armed Forces didn’t want the babysitter handed over to the RCMP, nor did the CAF JAG want the CFSIU to spend any time truly investigating the babysitter for what he had done.

What that means is that even though most of the 25 children that Captain McRae was suspected of molesting were also being molested by Captain McRae’s teenaged accomplice, and most of the children being molested by Captain McRae were being supplied to Captain McRae by his teenaged accomplice, the Department of Justice and the Canadian Armed Forces are only willing to compensate victims of Captain McRae himself.

Does this mean that in all of my persistence for justice I’ve just set the babysitter up as being the only person to receive any type of settlement from my class action?

And there’s no doubt in my mind that the DOJ and the DND will point to the 2011 CFNIS investigation to show that there was no connection between the babysitter and I, therefore there could be no possible connection between Captain McRae and myself.

This even though the CFNIS in 2011 had the 1980 CFSIU investigation paperwork and the 1980 Court Martial transcripts that heavily implicated the babysitter with molesting numerous children on the base and it was the investigation of the babysitter by the base military police that uncovered the Captain Father Angus McRae military child sexual abuse scandal which DND quickly moved out of the public eye.

Yes, sure, the CFNIS should never have been involved with investigating my complaint against the babysitter.

Yes, sure, two independent reviews by retired supreme court judges found that the CFNIS are incompetent and out of their league when it comes to sexual assault investigations.

That doesn’t matter.

The DOJ and the DND need to prove that I wasn’t connected to Captain McRae so that they can show the public that if I am making things up about being involved with the babysitter and Captain McRae, then what else am I making up? Maybe everything that I’ve said about the “Summary Investigation Flaw”, and the “3-year-time-bar flaw” is also a lie.

A potential road block.

I’m already not liking some of the “safe guards” that seem to be in place. See, as MAiD was never legalized for mental health issues agencies such as Vancouver Coastal Health were never able to give me any information on MAiD for reasons of mental health.

They could give me all of the information I needed to understand the procedure such as where I could undergo the procedure. The drugs involved with the procedure. What I would potentially feel during the procedure. And what would happen to my body after the procedure.

But what they could never give me information on was how a person with mental illness would apply to the program.

So when Canadian Senator states that “People who request & receive approval for MAID MD-SUMC will have received a substantial amount of different kinds of mental health care for a long time and found that nothing could alleviate their intolerable suffering.” this causes me great concern.

In the aftermath of being sexually abused on Canadian Forces Base Namao for 1-1/2 years I was placed into the care of Canadian Armed Forces social worker Captain Terry Totzke.

In November of 1980 I was diagnosed as suffering from major depression, severe anxiety, haphephobia. It was noted that I was terrified of being killed by my father.

Yet, I never received help with these issues.

Instead Captain Totzke was adamant that I had a mental illness called “homosexuality”. I receive 2-1/2 years of conversion therapy for this “illness”.

Even when Alberta Social Services were called in to deal with my brother and I, Captain Totzke still wouldn’t allow me to receive treatment for my issues.

Even when my issues had become so bad that my civilian social workers said that I required immediate psychiatric institutionalization, Captain Totzke wouldn’t comply.

At home, things were not good. My father had a very hair trigger temper. And if Captain Totzke told master corporal Gill that his son’s only problem is that he’s a homosexual, you can imagine that Richard wasn’t too concerned about my issues.

In fact, Richard’s response to my depression and my anxiety or even my haphephobia was a back hand, a slap, the belt, no supper, etc.

In April of 1983 we suddenly, and without warning, moved from Canadian Forces Base Griesbach in Edmonton to Canadian Forces Base Downsview in Toronto. At the time my father told me that we were moving because the counsellors wanted to give me drugs to help me stop being sexually attracted to other boys. I would learn in 2011 that the actual truth was Captain Totzke was helping my father flee the jurisdiction of Alberta as Alberta Social Services wanted to remove me from the home and place me into either foster care or residential care.

I suffered my entire life from the demons of depression, anxiety, as well as gender and orientation issues.

I never sought help with these issues as my father and Captain Totzke had both drilled into my head that I was a homosexual and that I just loved to seek attention and that’s why I was acting the way I did.

It wouldn’t be until August of 2011 that I had discovered the truth. The truth that I had been unfairly blamed for what had occurred on Canadian Forces Base Namao and that I had suffered with major depression, severe anxiety, haphephobia, and a plethora of other mental health issues.

It’s not my fault that I never received treatment.

It’s not my fault that I never sought treatment.

Even when I became aware of these issues in August of 2011 whenever I tried to seek treatment counsellors were very confused as to why I had a military social worker and why my father never got me treatment.

I am hoping that in the end that bypasses are put into the M.A.i.D. legislation that allow for extenuating circumstances to be taken into consideration. I would really hate to be told that I don’t deserve to undergo M.A.i.D. due to the decisions that the Canadian Forces chain of command made when I was 8 years old.

The Anti-Eugenics Crusaders

One of the most significant road blocks that I will encounter in my desire to obtain Medical Assistance in Dying is the “MAiD is eugenics” crusader.

These people are hellbent to ensure that the general public understand that the government is secretly plotting to kill off all the disabled people in an attempt to save money, free up resources, and clean up the gene pool in order to introduce a “superior race”.

However, there’s a problem with this whole “eugenics” argument.

If you’re not having sex and reproducing, you yourself are committing eugenics.

Eugenics has sweet bugger fuck all to do with a 52 year old man seeking to end his mental suffering.

I have no intention of reproducing. I haven’t been in a position to reproduce. After having grown up in my father’s dysfunctional household I made a decision early on in life that I never wanted to have kids. Period.

Allowing me to die peacefully at the hands of a trained and licenced medical professional is not eugenics.

Eugenics would have been if the government exterminated me or sterilized me when I was a kid. That would be eugenics.

Eugenics is not allowing me to choose a peaceful death a little ahead of my natural time. I’m fifty-fucking-two years old, not eleven.

I’ve dealt with major depression, severe anxiety, haphephobia, sexual orientation issues, and a whole host of other issues since I was 9 years old.

Yes, I understand now that what happened wasn’t my fault, but it still doesn’t erase the damage in my brain. Knowing the truth doesn’t undo any of the suffering that I’ve endured all these years.

And stop using the word “Eugenics” if you have no idea of what it means.

Our institutions are hopelessly fucking broken.

After my disastrous dealings with Warrant Officer Blair Hart in July of 2011, and at the urging of two different retired Judge Advocate Generals, I tried to enlist the help of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police service.

It was up to this point in my life that I had believed that the “outside civilian police” that were required to deal with the babysitter from CFB Namao was the Edmonton Police Service.

It was the two ex-JAGs that I spoke with that corrected me and told me that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are the outside civilian police force that is supposed to investigate matters on base that solely involve civilians such as myself and the babysitter.

In this case it would be the RCMP in Morinville, Alberta that were the RCMP detachment responsible for investigating civilian matters on Canadian Forces Base Namao.

I contacted the RCMP in Morinville and I was put in contact with corporal French.

Corporal French took my information down, but nothing seemed to go anywhere.

A little while later I had filed an Access to Information Request with the RCMP in which I was looking specifically for information related to May through July of 1980 and any involvement that the RCMP may have had with the Canadian Forces over the mater of Captain McRae and his teenaged accomplice.

Well, I received something that I would have never imagined. I received the incident report written by corporal French in which he notes that he had a conversation with Warrant Officer Blair Hart.

CFNIS member Warrant officer Blair Hart told RCMP corporal French, and this is ahead of the CFNIS contacting ANY of the witnesses or other victims, that the investigation into my complaint “was unlikely to go anywhere as a result of a lack of evidence”.

This was basically what Warrant Officer Blair Hart told me on July 18th, 2011. The CFNIS was apparently having trouble verifying the details of my complaint against PS. As we now know, the CFNIS knew what PS had done in 1980 as the CFNIS in 2011 had the CFSIU investigation paperwork and the court martial transcripts.

Anyways, corporal French wrote this in his notes:

An “agenda”

Wow……. an “agenda”.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, wanting to receive acknowledgement and justice for the hell I had been through on Canadian Forces Base Namao and Canadian Forces Base Griesbach was an “agenda”.

I made a complaint to the RCMP Complaints Commission.

The investigation of my complaint was conducted by Const Robb. Const Robb is what every RCMP officer should strive to be.

After I obtained a copy of Canadian Forces Administrative Order CFAO 2120-4-0 which stated that the CFNIS are always supposed to hand off any investigation solely involving civilians to the outside civilian police force having jurisdiction I started off another round of letter to RCMP “K” Division.

This ended up with another complaint to the RCMP complaints commission in 2017

Excerpt from Canadian Forces Administrative Order CFAO 2120-4-0

The reason that the civilian police are supposed to investigate matters involving only civilians is that civilian victims are unable to receive victim services and other help from the Canadian Armed Forces.

We now know why the CFNIS was so hellbent to retain ownership of the investigation into PS. They had all the paperwork from 1980 and knew all of the sordid details of what occurred on the base. They had first hand proof that PS was committing the types of crimes that I had accused him of, and it was this abuse of young children living on Canadian Forces Base Namao that started the investigation into Captain Father Angus McRae.

And from my complaints against the RCMP I now understand that the RCMP operate under the “Vampire Doctrine”.

In mythology related to Vampires, a vampire cannot cross the threshold of an entryway unless it is invited to enter.

And it appears that the RCMP, even though they are full well aware of just exactly how incompetent and compromised the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service are, cannot investigate child sexual abuse matters which occur on Canadian Forces Bases in Canada unless the incompetent and compromised military police force conducting the investigation that they’re not supposed to be conducting invites the civilian police force in.

RCMP officer awaiting invitation from CFNIS

Remember, even the MPCC in their 2020 final report noted that someone on CFB Namao made the decision back in 1980 during the investigation of Captain McRae to not call the RCMP in to deal with the babysitter.

People often wonder why I have very little faith in organizations like the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The CFNIS are immune to criticism by the fact that they are isolated from the Canadian public via the military institution that they are contained within.

The CFNIS get away with what they get away with because they control the agency tasked with resolving complaints brought against them, the Military Police Complaints Commission. It is the Department of National Defence that basically set the operating parameters of the MPCC owing to the “unique circumstances” that the CFNIS operate under and how applying civilian rules may expose military operations to outside scrutiny which might jeopardize military operations.

The Canadian Forces chain of command and DND hierarchy will not hold the CFNIS accountable as they fear that this will call the entire military structure into question.

And being questioned is not something the military appreciates.

The RCMP have had scandal after scandal after scandal.

It’s like they haven’t learnt a single goddamn thing from the McDonald Report. It’s almost as if the RCMP hierarchy enjoy giving the collective Canadian public an enormous middle finger.

We had the RCMP outright lie to the Canadian Public over the unwarranted killing of Robert Dziekanski at VYR Airport which resulted in the RCMP spokesperson committing suicide for having conveyed the lies.

The RCMP tried to induce two heroin junkies into bombing the BC Legislature. I kid you not. This was a fucking farce beyond all epic proportions.

John Nuttal and Amanda Korody had become ensnared in an RCMP sting, and no one can figure out how as the RCMP haven’t exactly been truthful on this matter.

But these two were barely functional. John had plans of swimming up to an American nuclear submarine in the Georgia Straight and knocking on the hatch, and when someone opened the hatch, he was going to burst in and hijack the American nuclear submarine.


The absolutely fucking worthless CFNIS can’t investigate their way out of a wide open field on a sunny afternoon.

The RCMP don’t care about solving crimes unless they can entrap people in the crime.

Investigate child sexual abuse that the Canadian Armed Forces have kept buried for ages?

Fuck no!

Get two heroin junkies, one of who wants to swim to America and hijack an American nuclear submarine by simply knocking on the “hatch”, to “bomb” the legislature?

Sure, why the fuck not?

Lots of overtime and travel expenses to be made on this one.

And we get to be heroes!

And of course our spineless politicians in this country won’t do sweet fuck all to fix anything. They don’t want to be seen as “attacking” or “disrespecting” the protectors of our society no matter how badly these “protectors” need a swift kick in the fucking arse.

If you can’t protect children living on a secure Defence Establishment from being sexually abused by a fucking employee of the Department of National Defence, shouldn’t you at least do what you can to ensure that these sexually abused children receive justice, and if not justice, at least acknowledgement and help?

Winners and Losers

“Bobbie, it looks like you’ve done it, it looks like you’re winning!”


The one thing that I can assure you is that there will be no winners in this matter.

Everyone associated with this matter is a loser in the sense that they’ve lost.

40 years of enduring a lifetime of self doubt and self hatred and untreated mental illnesses doesn’t suddenly disappear the instant that the Government decides to consider offering compensation to the former child victims that were denied justice and proper medical attention all those years ago.

I along with most of the other childhood victims of Captain McRae and his teenage accomplice PS lost our childhoods and our innocence on Canadian Forces Base Namao.

Some of us lost our sanity and our identities when we were dealt with by the military social workers.

Some of us lost our families when the military’s attitude towards the victims of sexual assault was unleashed within the walls of the PMQs that we lived in on base.

Some of us lost our lives through suicide. Some of us are still yet to lose our lives through Medical Assistance in Dying.

We, the numerous victims of Captain McRae and his teenage accomplice, have all collectively lost our ability to ever receive justice in this matter due to nothing more than decisions made at National Defence Head Quarters in Ottawa.

Current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces, if they have any integrity, will have lost respect for the Canadian Armed Forces knowing that the Canadian Armed Forces actively and intentionally denied justice to victims of child sexual abuse.

Current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces who became involved with this matter and carried out the desire by the Brass at National Defence Head Quarters to keep this matter hidden in the past have lost any claim of integrity that they once may have had.

Retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have enjoyed a retired life of accolades for a service well rendered have lost any respect they may have had over their involvement with the Captain Father Angus McRae child sexual abuse scandal in 1980.

Captain McRae’s accomplice, PS, has lost his designation as Captain McRae’s sole victim and has lost his ability to claim to have been an “innocent angel”.

The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service has lost any pretence of integrity that it may have had when it tried so desperately to portray the victims of Captain McRae and McRae’s teenage accomplice as”money grubbing” “societal malcontents with axes to grind against the military” contrary to the contents of documents already in the possession of the CFNIS during the time of the investigation.

The Provost Marshal lost any claim to impartiality that it had when it refused to release the 1980 CFSIU DS-120-10-80 investigation paperwork to the Military Police Complaints Commission in 2012 when I made my complaint against the CFNIS for a substandard investigation in 2011.

The Office of the Canadian Forces Ombudsman has lost any claim to relevance it had when it outright refused to conduct an inquiry into the handling of Child Sexual Abuse investigations by the Provost Marshal and the CFNIS while knowing full well that the CFNIS was found to be completely unable to conduct any manner of sexual assault investigation by two independent retired Supreme Court of Canada justices.

The Office of the Minister of National Defence has lost any claim to integrity that it may have once had when it allowed the personal opinions of the individual Ministers to cast doubt upon the veracity and integrity of the victims of military child sexual abuse.

Everybody is a loser in this matter.

Some have lost more than others.

Some will still lose even more.

Regardless, absolutely no one has won in this matter.

The Acts are stacked Against Us.

It’s hard enough in the civilian world for sexually abused children to obtain justice.

In the military world, it’s almost impossible.

In the civilian world, it’s almost impossible for a perpetrator or a perpetrator’s employer to have influence over the police, the prosecutor, or the judiciary.

In the military world, especially in the days of the pre-1998 National Defence Act, the perpetrator’s employer could have direct influence over the police, and the judiciary.

Because of the chain of command and the military hierarchy, it is completely possible for the chain of command to have undue and irresponsible influence over any investigation undertaken by the military police, the CFSIU, or the CFNIS.

This was an established fact that led to the crafting of Bill C-25 which made some very serious changes to the National Defence Act in 1998.

The National Defence Act both pre and post 1998 states that every person subject to the Code of Service Discipline shall obey the lawful commands of their superior.

So first, a superior isn’t limited to their immediate chain of command. A superior is anyone with a superior rank who has the authority to issue lawful commands

Lawful is an interesting word choice. Lawful does not equate with legal.

Lawful and legal are two completely different concepts.

Lawful just means that the superior has the authority to issue a command. Lawful does not ensure that this command is legal and that by following this lawful command the subordinate is not placing themselves in a position of violating the Criminal Code of Canada.

There have been many court martial tribunals both in Canada and in the United States in which it has been argued that it is unfair for a subordinate to be expected to disobey an illegal lawful command if the subordinate is not given access to a legal officer to review the lawful command to see if it is an illegal command.

According to the Military Police Complaints Commission in 2020, someone in 1980 made the decision to not call the RCMP in to deal with the babysitter because someone believed the babysitter to be only 12 or 13 years old in May of 1980.

The babysitter has been confirmed from various sources as having been born on June 20th, 1965. When the babysitter was interviewed in May of 1980 by the CFSIU he would have been 14 years and 10 months old.

This also proves that the CFNIS had the CFSIU investigation paperwork as early as March of 2011 as when master corporal Christian Cyr called me on May 3rd, 2011, he repeated this same “error”, that the babysitter was only 12 or 13 when he was caught buggering me.

The CFNIS in 2011 had no excuse for going with what the CFSIU investigation paperwork stated for the babysitter’s age as the CFNIS in 2011 had access to the babysitter’s Canadian Police Information Centre “CPIC” file which listed all of the dates of his charges and his convections. This CPIC file would have also clearly stated his Date of Birth D.O.B..

In 1980, the babysitter’s birthdate would have easily been obtainable from Guthrie School. Guthrie School was the school on base for children of military families and it was run by the Canadian Armed Forces as were all the other schools for children of military families on bases across Canada.

There is also another place where the babysitter’s date of birth would have been obtainable. Birth records of all military dependents are deposited into their serving parent service file.

So, someone with authority made the decision to not turn the babysitter over to the RCMP.


In the lead up to the Court Martial of Captain McRae the decision was made to move the entire court martial “In Camera”. This caused outrage in the media at the time. But I can promise you that the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence were not going to allow the Canadian public to learn that Captain McRae and his teenage accomplice had molested 25 children, if not more, on a secure defence establishment.

The Canadian Forces couldn’t do bugger all had the babysitter gone to Juvenile Court. And yes, the media were allowed to report on juvenile cases back then with the courts usually ordering the press not to divulge the juvenile’s name or anything that could potentially identify the juvenile. The Canadian Forces would have had to throw around a lot of weight to get a civilian juvenile court judge to throw a publication ban over the trial.

Also, under the juvenile delinquents act, the adult who contributed to the delinquency of a minor could be found guilty by summary conviction in the juvenile court system. This would have meant that the Canadian Forces throwing a “veil of secrecy” over Captain McRae’s military court martial could have been all for naught as his exploits would have been made public by juvenile court.

The Somalia Report and supporting documents indicated that back in the pre-1998 days, Base Commanders could often interfere with investigations due to their rank and due to the fact that the military police were contained within the local chain of command.

My father, and just about everyone else on that base were subordinate to Colonel Munro.

Now, one thing that you’ll hear in the modern day is how when the military police or the CFNIS want to lay charges related to Criminal Code offences, they need to get the approval of a Crown Prosecutor.

This is not how it worked prior to 1998.

Prior to 1998, it was the military police or the CFSIU that laid charges.

The military police or the CFSIU were then required to present these charges to the commanding officer of the accused.

In the case of Captain Father Angus McRae the Canadian Forces have confirmed that Colonel Daniel Edward Munro, base commander of CFB Namao, was Captain McRae’s direct superior.

Colonel Munro would have then been required to conduct a summary investigation to determine if the charges brought against Captain McRae would proceed to summary trial, military tribunal, or civilian tribunal. Colonel Munro would have also had the full authority to drop these charges if he so desired. Or Colonel Munro could drop some charges while allowing other charges to proceed.

And once dropped, these charges or similar charges arising out of the same facts could never be brought against Captain McRae again at a later date.

As the Somalia Inquiry found, these commanding officers had no legal training and were not peace officers, but had the full authority under the National Defence Act to dismiss charges that they wouldn’t have even had the authority to conduct a summary trial for.

The three year time bar is another hurdle. Recently I was told by a CFNIS investigator who had investigated “the man in the sauna” that if the CFNIS ever discover the identity of the “man in the sauna” that the babysitter provided me to for the purposes of oral sex, the CFNIS will be able to prosecute this man in civilian court.

That’s not true though.

Just as the man in the sauna would have to be charged with Criminal Code offences as they were in 1980. The man from the sauna would also enjoy all of the legal protections that he had back in 1980.

Captain McRae was given a court martial for Gross Indecency, Indecent Assault, and Buggery.

These charges were reviewed by his commanding officer, Colonel Dan Munro.

Even though I would have been to young at age 8 to have been able to consent to the oral sex I performed on the man, and even though the Supreme Court of Canada, as discussed in Corporal Donal Joseph Sullivan vs. Regina, stated that the military could only conduct a court martial if the victim was over the age of 14 when consent was a possibility, the fact of the matter is the military police or the CFSIU would have had to submit the findings of their investigation to the Commanding Officer of the accused.

In 1998 when Bill C-25 removed the requirement for commanding officers to conduct summary investigations AFTER the military police or the CFSIU laid charges against the commanding officer’s subordinate, that’s all it did. Bill C-25 simply removed the requirement for a summary investigation. It did nothing to retro-actively remove this requirement.

And this poses a very significant problem. The command structure as it existed in 1980 no longer exists.

Persons who were subject to the Code of Service discipline at the time of the offence remain liable to be charged with Code of Service Discipline offences committed during their service even after they leave the military.

If the man in the sauna is discovered tomorrow, how will the military charge him? Nothing prevents the CFNIS or the base military police from conducting investigations into child sexual abuse matters. But who is going to approve charges brought against the former member?

Prior to 1998 the military police or the CFSIU didn’t take Code of Service Discipline charges to the Provincial Crowns for approval. These charges flowed to the commanding officer. After 1998 charges can go two ways. One is to the Military Prosecutor that didn’t exist prior to 1998. The other is to the Provincial Crown.

But you can’t apply this to Code of Service Discipline charges prior to 1998. Sure, you hear stories all the time of cases in civilian court where a civilian teacher, or a civilian priest from 1956 or 1966 gets sentenced to jail for sexual abuse of children. But these people are civilians. Civilians were never subject to the Code of Service Discipline, nor were their employers / supervisors required to approve charges brought against their employee.

Another issue that prevents the laying of charges for offences that occurred prior to 1998 is the 3-year-time-bar.

Even if the CFNIS do manage to figure out who the man in the sauna was that I gave a blow job to when I was 8 years old, more than three years have elapsed.

Section 59(2) of the 1970 National Defence Act states ” no person is liable to be tried by a service tribunal unless his trial begins before the expiration of a period of 3 years from the day upon which the service offence was alleged to have been convinced.

Section 120(1) of the 1970 National Defence Act enumerated ALL criminal code offences as service offences.

Section 120(2) allowed the Canadian Forces to apply minimum penalties based upon what the Criminal Code of Canada would call for.

Section 134(a) allows any military police officer to arrest anyone subject to the Code of Service Discipline WITHOUT WARRANT who is subject to the Code of Service Discipline who has committed, is found committing, is suspected of being about to commit, or is suspected of or charged with having committed a service offence.

Section 140 of the 1970 National Defence Act calls for a Commanding Officer to conduct a summary investigation AFTER the laying of charges. The Commanding officer shall either cause the charge to proceed, or shall dismiss the charges.

Section 140 would have to be undertaken before the charges could proceed to Summary Trial, Court Martial, or Civilian Tribunal.

So, here’s the problem for the modern day prosecution of child sexual abuse which occurred on Canadian Armed Forces bases prior to 1998.

The military police in 1980, had they arrested the man in the sauna would have laid charges against him.

The military police would have been required to present these charges to the commanding officer of the accused.

Now, even though the commanding officer of the accused would not have been able to conduct a summary trial for the charges related to sexual offences committed against a child under the age of consent, and even though a court martial would have been precluded for trying these charges, nothing would have stopped the commanding officer from dismissing these charges and replacing them with charges that the commanding officer or a court martial could conduct a trial for.

And I think this is what keeps the Canadian Forces from successfully prosecuting for historical child sexual abuse which occurred prior to 1998.

This would be one hell of a massive Charter Challenge by the accused.

If the accused had been arrested back in 1980 and charged with receiving oral sex from me, under the National Defence Act he had the legal right to make a plea to his commanding officer.

That avenue does not exist today.

So even though the law allows for the man in the sauna to be charged in the modern day with 1980 criminal code offences that he committed back in May to June of 1980 he wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the legal protections that the National Defence Act would have allowed him to enjoy back in 1980.

And I can’t help but wonder if this is why you don’t hear of any modern day military or civilian tribunals for service offences which occurred prior to 1998.

I would imagine that anyone who committed a service offence prior to 1998, and is charged in the modern day with having committed that service offence prior to 1998, would simply raise the argument in court that it is unfair to try them by modern laws and practices when the laws and practices at the time of the offence would have allowed them to plead with their commanding officer for leniency or forgiveness, which the commanding officer had the full authority to offer.

The effects of military child sexual abuse

One thing that has often come up is “Bobbie, why didn’t you tell someone”

The thing is, I didn’t have to tell anyone.

All of the people in positions of authority knew.

Captain Terry Totzke knew.

My father knew.

Base Commander Colonel Daniel Edward Munro knew.

Base Security officer Captain David Pilling knew.

The office of the Judge Advocate General knew.

Everyone knew.

What was I supposed to do?

Some may argue that I need to forgive my father. Sure, he was only a master corporal. But the silly fucker could have grown a pair of balls even if that meant leaving the Canadian Armed Forces.

But he didn’t.

Instead, I received 2-1/2 years of punishment / conversion therapy at the hands of Captain Terry Totzke. So, in my matter it wasn’t that no one knew. Everyone knew. And people who had the ability to make things better for me instead punished me.

How many other male military dependents from Canadian Forces Base Namao received the same treatment that I did. How many male military dependents from the other bases that Captain Angus McRae was stationed at received the same treatment that I received on Canadian Forces Base Namao?

This is important as even my lawyer indicates that the shame of male sexual abuse may prevent other victims of Captain McRae and his “agents” from coming forward.

How many other victims have come forward over the years only to have their matters dismissed by the military police due to flaws in the National Defence Act that would make it impossible to lay charges in the modern day for any act that occurred prior to 1998?

How many other victims tried to come forward over the years but had no support from their parents who were serving members of the Canadian Forces at the time of the abuse due to their serving parent’s fear of violating the Security of Information Act and the Official Secrets Act that both prohibit anyone who became aware of “information” on a Defence Establishment while they were subject to the Code of Service Discipline from ever disclosing that information.

Member of the Canadian Armed Forces are subject to the Security of Information Act and the Official Secrets Act for life.

And the Official Secrets Act and the Security of Information Act don’t specify what this “information” is. Those act just state “any information”.

Top Secret? Doesn’t say.

Classified? Doesn’t say.

Nor do these acts make exceptions for criminal investigations.

And there’s also the spectre that serving parents in the Canadian Forces were promised favours in trade for their silence and for not making a fuss.

Might explain how Richard came to forget about the existence of his own mother when he gave a statement to the CFNIS in 2011. But then again, the CFNIS never re-interviewed me for clarification about grandma or what home life was like in 1978 through 1980 after Richard gave them his very revised and edited version of home in July of 2011.

Two options about Richard’s statement.

(a) – He lied to the CFNIS in 2011 because in May to June of 1980 he took favours from the Canadian Forces in trade for him not making a fuss out of the events on CFB Namao.

(b) – The CFNIS reminded him that he was still bound by the Official Secrets Act or the Security of Information Act and that he should think very carefully before discussing any information that was directly related to the Canadian Forces and events on Canadian Forces Base Namao.

And if Richard lied about CFB Namao, how many other former members of the Canadian Armed Forces have lied in order to cover up their complicity in their own children having been sexually abused on a Department of National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces military base?

There is no way that I am the only one who suffered through this shit.

March 17, 2023

March 17th 2023 was supposed to be the date that Medical Assistance in Dying became legal in Canada for those suffering from mental health issues.

I had already booked the weeks of March 20th and March 27th off.

I had already booked my appointment for March 21st with my family doctor to make my official request for Medical Assistance in Dying.

I booked additional time off from work as I theorized that I would probably require some time to acclimatize to my decision. After all, wanting to die and actually making concrete plans to die are two separate things.

Sadly, the religious nutcases in this country evoked nightmares of disabled people being hauled off to Cambodian style killing fields.

And of course our milquetoast politicians caved.

That’s to be expected seeing as how the right wing in this country are having their puppet strings yanked and manipulated by the MAGAt evangelical crowd south of the border where their imaginary friend gets off on pain and suffering.

Anyways, in the meantime I’ve got to deal with an additional year on this planet.

I asked my lawyers recently if as part of the pending class action settlement that language be added into the settlement that would request the Attorney General make exceptions to the current M.A.i.D. legislation that would allow me to obtain M.A.i.D. without having to wait for the government to grow a pair and legalize M.A.i.D. for reasons of mental health.

They both said that this couldn’t be added in to the class action as it would have to apply to all members of the settlement and that this more than likely wouldn’t be something that the courts would entertain.

One of my lawyers suggested that I might want to look at other options to obtain M.A.i.D. via tests and screenings to see if any type of cancer or other potentially fatal medical condition is currently manifesting itself in my body.

My father apparently died of cancer. My father’s brother died of heart disease. My paternal grandmother died of heart disease as well. My mother has had numerous aneurysms. My maternal grandfather died of a heart attack. I’ve had two cardiac issues and no one was able to figure out what caused them.

So, when I go to my doctor on the 21st, even though I can’t officially request M.A.i.D. as we had both agreed at a prior visit, I will mention the suggestion of my lawyer to my doctor to see if he’s game for this.

Either way, I’ve got a train trip coming up.

No. Not that type of train trip.

On the 24th I’m boarding a VIA train for an 8 day round trip to and back from Toronto.

This was one of those “bucket list” things I had started planning out last year. There’s a few things I wanna do before I go. And things like trips are something that I want to experience.

I know it sounds silly, but with the exception of a few trips to Seattle, I’ve never been outside of Canada. I’ve lived in Vancouver for 30 years now and I’ve been to Seattle maybe 6 times in all that time.

And even within Canada, the only time I traveled anywhere in Canada was when I went to Ottawa to do some research at Library and Archives Canada. I also stopped out in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was born there, but other than popping out into the world in Halifax, I have no connection to Halifax as my birth in Halifax was an accident of birth. I could have been born in any hospital next to a Canadian Armed Forces base and that would have been my “home town”.

Travelling was never something my father did with us when we were kids. The one time we went to Banff when my father was stationed at Canadian Forces Base Griesbach was not very pleasant as Richard wasn’t the kind of person who could just chill and fucking relax on a vacation.

When we lived on Canadian Forces Base Downsview in Ontario, Richard took us for a weekend trip up to Sue’s brother’s cottage on Georgian Bay. Again, not a fun weekend. Fun and fuckery were not words in Richard’s vocabulary. The only word that Richard knew that was even remotely related to “fun” was dys’fun’ctional.

So, I never developed the travel bug.

Never learnt how to go on vacation and just relax.

So, this train ride should prove interesting. 4 days to Toronto. I spend one night in Toronto. And then it’s 4 days back to Vancouver.

Didn’t book a private room. I got a sleeping berth. The car has showers. All meals provided. Access to the observation car, the coach car, and the dining car.

Why did I pick the train? Why not. As I’ve said I don’t do vacations. For me the travelling part is more entertaining than the journey.

Taking Amtrak back and forth between Seattle and Vancouver is enjoyable. When I go to Seattle there’s only a few places that I like to go. Other than that I skip all of the tourist traps. I don’t think that I could ever go somewhere to go to tourist traps.

When I go to Iceland this summer it’s so that I can see for myself what was so appealing about Iceland that Richard left my brother and I alone while he fucked off with the Canadian Armed Forces to Iceland in July of 1978. Other than that it’s a big expansive island. And it’s the summer solstice. So being that far north on the longest day of the year should prove to be interesting. The only interesting thing that I know of Iceland is that the island is made up from two separate continents crushing together. There’s apparently a fissure that splits the island in two.

A little change in my plans

Okay, still waiting to hear whether or not Parliament will ask the Senate to agree to delaying the implementation of Medical Assistance in Dying for reasons of Mental Health.

So in the meantime I’m still proceeding as if March 17th, 2023 is the date that M.A.i.D. for reasons of Mental Health is allowed to proceed.

To that end I’m still planning out the arrangements for the disposal of my body.

I’ve come to the conclusion that cremation would be the easiest method to plan for. And by opting for cremation I can plan for a “one stop shopping” experience.

I’ve been in contact with a few funeral homes in the lower mainland. These homes have allowed the M.A.i.D. procedure to be carried out on their premises. They typically have a room set-up and nicely furnished where a person can undergo the procedure in the company of their close friends and family.

Once the procedure has been completed and the person is legally pronounced deceased the body is usually then prepared for disposal whether it be by burial or by cremation. And usually the funeral that the M.A.i.D. procedure occurs at will deal with the cremation or the burial.

I had wanted a green burial. Just my body in a shroud in a hole in the ground left to decompose the way bodies have done since time immemorial. The problem that I ran into with this desire is that there aren’t many cemeteries between Vancouver and Hope that allow for bodies to be buried without a casket and without a cement grave liner.

So, cremation it is.

And this really simplifies things.

I arrive at the funeral home. Get into bed. Undergo the procedure. Pass away peacefully. Be officially declared as deceased. Then my corpse is loaded into the cremator. I’m incinerated. My bone fragments and other ash residue are pulverized into a fine powder. The my ashes as put into a little plastic bag and the placed inside a container.

And that’s it.

My funeral arranger will look after filing for the required death certificate and other papers.

Except for my legacy at work and my legacy of being one of 25 children fucked up by Captain McRae and the Canadian Armed Forces, it will be as if I never existed.

The universe will continue on as if I was never here.

Within one generation I will have been forgotten like so many others that have led solitary lives.

And that’s fine.

I will finally be free of my daemons, all of my mental illnesses, all of the horrors and memories that torment me, and all of the issues that were gifted to me by my dysfunctional household, by my molester Captain Father Angus McRae and his teenage accomplice, and the mind fucking I endured at the hands of my military social worker, Captain Terry Totzke.

None of these will plague me anymore once my brain is dead.

And honestly, it’s not like I’m going to be angry or upset about being dead. I’ll be dead. Matters of the living will no longer be of ant concern to me as I will no longer exist.

All I have to do is to make sure that I remember M.A.i.D. first, cremator second. I don’t think going into the cremator alive would be too enjoyable.