My Brother’s statement to the CFNIS

When I made my complaint about the babysitter in March of 2011 I had mentioned that I had witnessed my brother being abused numerous times by P.S. as P.S. would sometimes abuse us each on our own, but would more often than not abuse the two of us together in the basement of my family’s PMQ on babysitting days.

The CFNIS asked if I knew how to contact my brother. I told the CFNIS that the last time that I spoke with my brother was in 2003 when I had ridden my motorcycle up to Edmonton to see Richard.

I suggested to the CFNIS that they could talk to Richard and Richard could put them in contact with my brother. What I didn’t know at the time is that my brother had a falling out of sorts with Richard and Sue and hadn’t spoken with them since around 2007.

I wasn’t too optimistic that Richard would give the CFNIS my brother’s contact information as I was certain that Richard was going to take a very dim view of the fact that I was trying to shirk my responsibility for what I had done on CFB Namao by allowing P.S. to abuse my younger brother.

In August of 2012 on Facebook I was able to track down my brother’s wife at the time, and I asked her to pass my contact information.

My brother contacted me and we talked a bit about things from back then (1978 to 1980).

I even went up to Edmonton for a few days from June 30th, 2013 to July 5, 2013 to see him.

It was during this visit that he had explained to me that he hadn’t spoke with either Richard or Sue since about 2007 due to a funeral that he didn’t want to attend.

At the time I was going through my first go-round with the Military Police Complaints Commission. And up to this point I had not seen a single document from the CFNIS investigation. I was literally flying blind with my complaint against the CFNIS.

My complaint against the CFNIS failed. Basically it came down to:
-Did the CFNIS take my complaint?
-Did the CFNIS contact other victims?
-Did the CFNIS try to contact the accused?
-Did the CFNIS submit anything to the Alberta Crown?
As the CFNIS did this, the MPCC blessed the investigation.
See, the MPCC, like most police review agencies can only look at the mechanics of the investigation. The MPCC cannot judge or second guess the findings of the CFNIS. That’s why in 2020 the MPCC had to bend the rules a little bit and included documents related to my investigation from a parallel investigation.

I decided to file an Application for Judicial Review in the Federal Court of Canada. One thing that I hadn’t anticipated was that the Military Police Complaints Commission would have to provide me with copies of all of the documents that the Canadian Forces and the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service had denied to me during my initial complaint to the MPCC.

I know for a fact that the Alberta Crown was upset and devastated that the MPCC and the CFNIS had given me a copy of the Alberta Crown’s decision to me. Documents like this are “privileged” and are never supposed to end up in the hands of the victims.

Contained within these documents were copies of my brother’s “Will Say” statement as well as the investigator’s notes from the interview.

Pg. 1 of “will say”
Pg. 2 of “Will Say”

The following are the interview notes taken by
Petty Officer 1st Class Steve Morris.

Much as I did with my father, I gave my brother a written examination for Federal Court.

The following are the questions that I asked my brother

The following are my brother’s answers to my questions.

Two things stand out for me in this mess.

The first thing that stands out is that it’s almost as if the investigators with the CFNIS are taught to ask vague non-specific questions and worse, to transcribe vague and really open-to-interpretation notes of the interview. Who is “he”. Who is “him”. Who is “they”. That was one thing my grandmother used to get furious with me about when I was learning to write in grades 1, 2, and 3. “Only dogs get MAD, humans get ANGRY” and “NEVER use ‘He’, ‘She’,’They’,’Them’ when you know their names”. For a woman that only had two years of formal education, she sure was very fussy about the proper use of language.

The second thing that stands out is that my brother mentions to the CFNIS that it was Richard that told him about my motorcycle.

In early 2002 I bought a demo motorcycle from a dealer. Paid in full. The first vehicle I ever owned that didn’t have financing attached. Came to about $11k all said and done.

In late 2002 I got cut off by a taxi cab that ran a stop sign. The motorcycle went down on the left hand side, which due to the layout of the crankcase breather sent oil up into the air intake box and hydrolocked #1 piston. ICBC found the driver 100% at fault. ICBC paid the dealer to return the motorcycle to like new condition.

Just outside of the 1 year ICBC warranty period the #1 piston and connecting rod failed at highway speeds just outside of Chilliwack. I got the motorcycle towed back to Vancouver. I went back to the dealer and spoke to the mechanic that had rebuilt the bike. I told him about the engine failure. I asked him if they had torn down the engine and checked the #1 piston and connecting rod for damage. He said that the owner of the motorcycle shop wouldn’t allow the mechanics to tear down the engine even though the engine was obviously hydrolocked. The mechanic removed the spark plug, which due to the hydraulic pressure behind it shot up. There was also a squirt of oil that came out of the spark plug hole. The mechanic said that he did start the engine and it sounded rough for a bit, but then as the oil burned up the engine went back to sounding okay. The cost of labour for tearing down the engine and then rebuilding the engine would have put the bike well over ICBC’s limit for writing the motorcycle off. The mechanic explained that by rebuilding the bike the shop stood to make far more money off the rebuild job than if ICBC had simply written off the motorcycle and had given me a cheque to buy a new motorcycle.

So yeah, I nearly lost my life because someone got greedy. But that’s life I guess.

I contacted a couple of lawyers. They both wanted a $10k retainer (standard from what I understand). I had about $6k in the bank. So I called Richard. This did not go over too well. Richard started ranting about the fact that I couldn’t look after my stuff, that I was always breaking anything that had ever been given to me, that I was obviously too fucking stupid to ride a motorcycle and that I was going to kill someone. He then suggested that I contact my mother and ask “that bitch” to pay for this as she didn’t pay a single damn thing towards my brother and I when Richard was raising us.

Yep. Richard had managed to take the high speed engine failure of my motorcycle caused by the wilful neglect of the dealership and spun it around to him being the victim who had to sacrifice everything to raise my brother and I.

Yeah, that was Richard.

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