Escitalopram, acne, and white hair.

I’ve been shaving my head since the summer of 1991 when I lived in Edmonton.

That’s just over 30 years now.

I would have been 19 and I was living in my first apartment and I had a lot of time to myself.

Marie, my mother, freaked out when I went to visit her at the acreage.

All Richard would say is that I was obviously insane like my uncle Al.

There were a few reasons why I decided to shave my head.

One of the reasons that I shaved my head was that I really liked how Sinéad O’Connor was able to pull off the look. If you have a round head, you can pull off the bald look easily.

The second reason that I started to shave my head in the summer of 1991 is that I was already sprouting a lot of grey hair. Not just one or two hairs. It was noticeable.

The third is that the top of my head was already thinning out.

In my 20’s I’d occasionally let it grow back in, but it usually came off really quickly as the grey was getting very noticeable.

If you’ve followed along with my blog to date you’ll know that I am taking escitalopram for major depression.

The escitalopram has worked with my depression. But it has had some minor side effects. Nothing serious. But side effects none the less.

One of the side effects that I am getting now is acne. Acne on my face and acne on my head. Nothing serious. But enough that I don’t shave each and every day. In fact I haven’t shaved my face or head for about a week now.

My beard and my hair are pure white. There isn’t a single black hair on my head or on my face. Even my moustache is white.

I’ve never grown a beard before, and I really don’t want a beard, but I want to see what this looks like. I’ve never seen what I look like with all of my facial or head hair white.

I’ve got facial tattooing coming up in February. I’m going to get some portions of my face filled in with black blocking so I should be able to get about 3 months of growth before I have to shave it all off again for the tattoos.

I’ve worked at the hospital since 2005 and no one there has seen me with facial hair, hair on my head, or even eye brows. Yes, I shave my eye brows off, otherwise it looks like I’ve got two very hairy caterpillars sleeping over my eyes.

The only hair on my face that I never trim is my eye lashes. I used to trim my eye lashes when I was younger when I was in school. But that will be for another blog posting.

I’ll probably post a couple more pictures of my facial hair in the upcoming weeks and months. As I’ve said, I’ve never had a beard before. And I probably won’t again. But this be something different.

Author: bobbiebees

I started out life as a military dependant. Got to see the country from one side to the other, at a cost. Tattoos and peircings are a hobby of mine. I'm a 4th Class Power Engineer. And I love filing ATIP requests with the Federal Government.

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