My Tattooing

How I spent 6 hours on Wednesday

So, I got my right leg tattooed on Wednesday.

Eduardo did the honours at “Slight of Hand Tattooing” on Granville St.

GoPro set for 1 picture every 60 seconds.
Live action of Eduardo shading in one of the bands on my leg.

So, I finally got around to getting my right leg tattooed with the matching pattern from the left leg.

Everything was going fine right up until the last section which is the lower band on my ankle.

I guess that after 6 hours in the chair I just completely ran out of stamina and we had to stop.

I’ll have to go back to finish off the section.

No big deal.

But now to plan out my other adventures in tattooing.

Definitely have to finish off my face next.

Then it’s on to my arms.

On a side note, did you know that Kristen Bell is covered in tattoos?

Author: bobbiebees

I started out life as a military dependant. Got to see the country from one side to the other, at a cost. Tattoos and peircings are a hobby of mine. I'm a 4th Class Power Engineer. And I love filing ATIP requests with the Federal Government.

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